This program teaches not one but all of the following courses, namely Vedic Maths, Mentulators (Abacus), Memory Boosters, Creative Thinking, Soft Skills and Communication, for children of Std. – 1 to 9. The different practices focus on areas of Brain, Mathematics, Memory, Communication, Thinking and Personality. We are proud to be the only company to offer a course as huge and humongous as FoB.

Focus ‘o’ Brain is a comprehensive program which features essential modules for complete child grooming and at the same time helping to bring a new path in conventional educational methods enhancing a child’s aptitude quotient and understanding.



Solve mathematical problems 15 times faster Aids in intelligent estimation (knowing the answer without solving the problem) Reduces burden on the student as he/she has to know tables up to 9 only Reduces finger counting and scratch work Improves concentration and mental calculation Enhances logical thinking


Generate more alternatives to the same problem Select the best alternate ideas and implement them Turn problem into opportunities Find the concept behind the idea to build new ideas Sharpen and change your focus to improve your creative efforts


Improves the three R's, Remembering, Retaining and Recalling To develop mental skills, confidence and positive belief Reduce study time and get better grades Score higher in exams Become more self-motivated, build a self-esteem and Cure absent mindedness


The topics covered in Personality include all aspects of Soft Skills and Life Skills, Time Management, Goal Setting, Attitude Formation, Aptitude, Manners and Etiquettes, Bullying, Failure, Success, etc.


Focus on areas such as Body Language, Voice Modulation, Pitch, Eye Contact, Gestures, Postures and all other aspects of non verbal Communication.


Abacus is a unique concept that should be learned by all students. It helps children in having better concentration, better information processing and gives them the ability to visualise and also to improve their listening skills.